When I was planning my wedding one of the things I was most excited about was the registry.  It was too much fun.  It was like shopping for anything and everything you wanted, without having to spend a penny! I clicked the button on that scanner like my life depended on it.  I was a pro.  

That is until I reached the China section. My idea of China and a pretty table always entailed pretty vintage pieces, different patterns and colors, with pretty scalloped edges and gold detail. In theory, getting my wedding China to pass down to my daughters one day was so exciting.  In actuality, I was super uninspired by whats availble in big box department stores today.  I feel like the detail just isn't the same.  No pretty scalloped edges, not much of a variety in color. Just kind of boring.  

I ended up with a safe option.  Modern, cream and silver.  To be honest I only received a few, and they eventually went back to Bloomies :/  I'll take my China vintage. 

 There is no P in my name what so ever.  But I love the mystery behind vintage monogram.  I wonder what the woman was like who owned this. What her name was, what her style and taste was, where the other pieces ended up...

I love using miscellanous pieces as catch all around the house.  This beauty sits on my coffee table.
 This pretty saucer is beside my kitchen sink for when I need  a safe place to rest my rings.

The one complete setting I own. 

 My splash of Emerald.  Since it's mandatory in 2013.

Are you a fine china kinda girl? or boy? ;) Did you register for it?


  1. oooh i totally need to get some pretty china too. i love your idea of mixing and matching vintage pieces because i doubt i'd actually use a whole set of matching china. and your ring is gorge!!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  2. I'm not really into the idea of getting china as a wedding gift... but I DO love mismatched vintage plates!! Nice collection :)

  3. I did not register for it...however, I was lucky enough to receive my great grandmother's china. There's a lot of history behind that hand painted set. Thought about posting on it at some point. You wouldn't believe the pieces that came with that set. Yeah, vintage all the way...

  4. I do love china!! I have a slight obsession with dishes in general, but only have one set of fine china. Mine was purchased brand new, but had a vintage look and feel and I do still love it. I am also looking forward to one day getting my Grandmother's and/or my Mom's china. I love when it has family history linked to it and is passed down through generations :)

  5. Oh you are killing me...you have everything I've always wanted!!!!! I love love love vintage china. One sad thing about our wedding is that we couldn't do a registry...I moved up to AK with three checked pieces of luggage and Simon in tow. The military wouldn't help me move my stuff, so we started from scratch up here. I think, had I know the state of antique stores and the high prices of everything, if I could do it all over, I'd just get what I wanted in the lower 48 and ship it up. Then I wouldn't be hemming and hawing over what to do with the stuff that I don't love but had to get (we couldn't use cardboard boxes forever).
    Anyway, back to the china...I first saw mismatched china table settings at my junior year prom dinner. It was so gorgeous and I've loved that look ever since. One drawback has always been the need to hand wash it...but I do that with our plates now so, I could easily make my vintage china dreams come true!

  6. I love your posts!
    The P on your china set is for PRETTY!

  7. I love china but I kinda think couples are getting away from registering for it :-/ Which makes me a little sad because I'm so traditional :) I do love the idea of mismatched pieces and little vintage bowls and cups and saucers to use for corralling trinkets!

  8. I love your mismatched vintage collection! Much better than ready-to-buy from the store! Much more interesting and with a story to tell!


  9. I love your collection! amazing. I do have my nice china....but gather pieces here and there that can still go nicely with it...I think nowadays like seeing pieces that go together without them being the same...so much more interesting and exciting.


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