I've got this major craving for art lately and I've got it bad.  Most of the lower level of our home is pretty much renovated and it's time to add some accessories and personality.  I think now that I took all my Christmas decor down everything just feels so empty. Boring.  While I do have this art wall down stairs, I'm craving something a little different for our formals. Something feminine, a little current, that grabs a whole lot of attention.  Any of these will do:

Leigh Viner

I can not stop thinking about this gorg piece.  A large framed version of this leaning above my fireplace would be everything. I NEED. Like now.

Laurel Dawn

Still trying to figure a way to get my hands on one of Laurel Dawns fabulous paintings.  Right now this one speaks to me. It's making me seriously crave spring time. 

The Aestate
 Isn't there just something terribly cool about these lips?!  It screams SOMEONE COOL LIVES HERE.  I want people to think I'm cool.  Def on the top of my list.

Lisa Mann Dirkes
 This watercolor has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I can't believe I still don't own it.  This needs to change in 2013.

 I'm kind of falling for Maison Gray. Hard. LOVE his Prada series more than the overhead shots that he is known for. Let's be real, I'd take anything of his.
Maison Gray
Max Wanger

 I have always loved pretty much ANYTHING from Max Wanger.  I was lucky enough to have him photograph our wedding, you can see some photos here. I'm particularly drawn to this Palms picture.  Love his use of negative space and I'm kind of feeling the whole blank canvas trend.  This is kind of like a blank canvas with a twist.

Two dimensional art isn't all I'm after.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect bust for my mantle. If I can't find the perfect one vintage (so I can paint her lips red) I'm totes buying one of these:

Mind Made 1

How cute is this Jane Austin one?  Super sweet. Love the color choices and that solid stand she resides on.

The actor in me has me head over heels for a Shakespeare bust. Love the vintage feel with a modern twist with the color.

When it comes to animal inspired pieces I'm super picky.  I want my home to feel more like, "HEY! WE LOVE ANIMALS" than "HEY! WE KILL ANIMALS AND HANG THEIR CARCASSES ON OUR WALLS!".  Love a good deer head, as long as there is NO mistaking it for being real. How great is this one?! I'm actually kind of torn, this shop has so many cool options!

Who am I missing?!  Is there any artist I def should know about?


  1. Very cool! I love the lip photo and the hands that spell "LOVE".
    Isn’t That Charming.

  2. Love them! The top one looks like Leigh Viner, who I adore! Find her shop on etsy! Just search 'Leigh Viner'.

  3. Laurel Dawn looks amazing! You've got great taste, lady! And how lucky are you that Max photographed your wedding?! That is the such of dreams!

  4. ok.....so many things here! First of all I can't believe Max Wagner photographed your wedding!! That is amazing! Then I checked out out your wedding photos...unbelievable....so absolutely beautiful. The church is amazing as well....that altar was so beautiful. ANd Can I ask...whose did your wedding dress? It looks so so similar to mine I could swear it could be the same one...and the veil too....is it Vera Wang? ok...as for the art....love everything you have...the lips are amazing....and now that I saw the Jane Eyre bust I need and that will be my valentine's day present. email me about the dress!! so curious!!

  5. Oh that floral painting is calling my name! And how cool that Max Wanger shot your wedding! His work is fantastic. Thanks so much for the sweet comment yesterday and for your support. Happy new year!!

  6. Your wedding was beautiful! You looked truly happy :) and I have to say I couldn't agree more about the deer head and animal love....and I have been lusting over the first print forever! And now you've made me want a bust. Decisions decisions.

  7. So many of my favorites here! Love Jessica's "lips" piece, Leigh Viner and Maison Gray. Have you looked at Kari Herer?? Her pieces are beautiful! http://www.etsy.com/shop/kariherer?ref=seller_info

  8. Wow! I have the Aestates Lip piece and that first art pice of Leigh Viner's in my office and home! You picked out some excellent choices! Can;t go wrong with any of them!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  9. Love all of those prints! I'm kind of a cheat. You can print huge pictures at staples or fedex kinkos for $5 so that's what I'm doing with some of my favorites soon!

    xo Ashley

  10. Beautiful pieces! Loving that floral painting!

  11. I still can't get enough of Gray Malin's Prada Marfa series. Always so good. And I completely love Jessica's lips watercolor like crazytown!


  12. haha you crack me up- "I want someone to think I'm cool"...well I do! :) I do totally get what you mean cause I say that to my husband all the time! When I'm trying to talk him in to letting me add something that he thinks looks too "edgy" I'll be like "we will look like such cool people if we have this!" lol
    All of these are gorgeous but that first image- oh.my.heavens. I've just added it to my NEEDTOHAVE list.

  13. I'm MAD for fashion illustrations...Leigh's has been on my radar for soooo long now- have you checked out Cate Parr and Sabrina Garassi's work yet babe??? I dieeeeeee!!!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog- Hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. you've got great taste lady!

    ...and totally random - since you're in the market for some new art - I actually have a little 5x7 illustration on hand. I hand drew an additional copy of one I was working on for another blogger (it's black ink on paper, like my other illustrations). free of charge of course (that's right. I give away my artwork. haha).

    email me if you want it (and I can show you a photo) & I'll throw it in the mail for ya! (madebybun@gmail.com) xoxo

  15. I love browsing Etsy for new artwork. I have quite a few pieces from Etsy that I really love.

    PS. I think your cool!!!

  16. Thank you so much for the sweet mention! Loving the pieces featured here


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