So obvi Rachel Ashwell is one of my favorite designers.  If you follow her on instagram then you know that she is currently staying in NYC writting her next book. From the little peeks she gives us into her loft, I'm jealous.

This entry way is everything, I can't even take it.

There is some stained glass inspiration I've been looking for!

I'll take anything and everything in this space.
Where the magic happens


 These little snapshots into her space get my mind spinning as to what the rest of it looks like.  Without a doubt there is probably a fluffy white bed she falls into every night, and a pretty chandelier or two.  What do you think sits behind the lens?



I can't think of a better way to start the day than with an email in my inbox saying that I won something!  I never win anything! The Aestate and Fall into London hosted a giveaway and I'm scoring a print.  Perfect timing, seeing as I've been on the lookout for art and these are sooooo right up my alley! These are my top pics.  Which would you choose? 



 So Valentine's Day is coming and we have a little something up our sleeve.  Something along the lines of one of my New Years Resolutions.   Any guesses??

Well it's kind of something like this. Are you guys on Vine yet?  It's an app for iphone and OMG I'm seriously obsessed.  Like instagram for videos. Download it and follow me.  I know you'll want to after you see these videos. 



This just happened.  It wasn't supposed to happen.  I don't really know how it happened. But it happened. 

Hubby and I walked into the store suddenly lost all control.  She was just so beautiful.  

And she has her own computer.

This microwave will be replaced with a hood.  Probably way sooner than we plan.  Because that seems to happen a lot around here.  

O yea, this happened too.  It really really really needed to happen. Four months of no dishwasher was four months to many. I seriously wanted to kiss her tonight.

I'm still on the look out for the perfect knobs and pulls. I'm leaning toward these:


Other than appliance shopping this happened this weekend too:

 One of my besties had a James Bond themed 25th birthday party. Too much fun. How was your weekend? Are you as bummed it's Monday as I am?



Along with all the others things accomplished last weekend we finally hung some drapes in the formal living. As you know my fireplace was one of the first things I changed when moving in, but I realized that I never gave you guys a proper view of the rooms entirety. While it's not done, it is feeling a lot cozier than before.

I've yet to find the perfect rug for the space. With the large scale of all my furnture both couches must be pushed against the walls. A rug going from wall to wall seems silly. But then again, this one isn't right either. lol.

Still missing?  A GREAT antique brass floor lamp to place beside my chesterfield.  Again, I have yet to find something GREAT. I am also on the hunt for the perfect vintage birdcage to hang from the ceiling on the right of the fireplace.  Some cool brass fireplace accesorries wouldn't hurt either.



When I was planning my wedding one of the things I was most excited about was the registry.  It was too much fun.  It was like shopping for anything and everything you wanted, without having to spend a penny! I clicked the button on that scanner like my life depended on it.  I was a pro.  

That is until I reached the China section. My idea of China and a pretty table always entailed pretty vintage pieces, different patterns and colors, with pretty scalloped edges and gold detail. In theory, getting my wedding China to pass down to my daughters one day was so exciting.  In actuality, I was super uninspired by whats availble in big box department stores today.  I feel like the detail just isn't the same.  No pretty scalloped edges, not much of a variety in color. Just kind of boring.  

I ended up with a safe option.  Modern, cream and silver.  To be honest I only received a few, and they eventually went back to Bloomies :/  I'll take my China vintage. 

 There is no P in my name what so ever.  But I love the mystery behind vintage monogram.  I wonder what the woman was like who owned this. What her name was, what her style and taste was, where the other pieces ended up...

I love using miscellanous pieces as catch all around the house.  This beauty sits on my coffee table.
 This pretty saucer is beside my kitchen sink for when I need  a safe place to rest my rings.

The one complete setting I own. 

 My splash of Emerald.  Since it's mandatory in 2013.

Are you a fine china kinda girl? or boy? ;) Did you register for it?

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