Merry wishes

 Merry Christmas from my house to yours! Wishing each and every one of you lots of peace and love this holiday season.  May your next few days be surrounded by those you love, yummy food, and maybe a few good presents or too. We'll see ya back here in a few days :)


Anti Mall Gift Ideas

It's just about the weekend before Christmas, and you know there is at least one person you forgot about, or one last little white elephant gift that needs to be purchased. Who the heck is crazy enough to brave the mall only a few days before Christmas?!  Here is a round up of gifts that can be purchased anywhere but the mall to keep you sane the next coming days.  Your welcome.
A subscription to your favorite magazine is always a gift people love.  Just buy the current issue, put a bow on it and mail in the subscription form with a check.  It's a gift that gives all year long!  And you can go to your local gas station or drug store to purchase it! 

I have always seen these hot cocoa jars and not thought much of them until I recently saw them on Bethenny.  They are actually super fun!  All you have to do is add some hot milk and you can drink your hot cocoa from the jar!  Best part?  Get everything from you local grocery store.

While the mall is pretty nuts right now, I bet your local nursery isn't! Pick up a few small succulents and give them away.
Everyone loves a new addition to their bar cart!  A yummy low cal addition is even better!  Get it at your local liquor store or super market.

Everyone loves Trader Joe's, go to the local bookstore and pick up this favorite.

Not only does everyone love Trader's, everyone has their favorite to go items that they sell.  I love asking my friends what their favorites are and discovering new things! How about a basket of all your favorites?

I have yet to meet a girl who isn't obsessed with these little Eos lip balms.  Buy every flavor you can, put them in a mason jar, and top with a bow.  I'd be more than happy with a gift like this!
 Who are you buying for this weekend?



 Have you seen our K.R.T. Home Flea Market bags? I'm obsessed with my tote because it literally has an infinite number of uses. From flea markets to weekends away it seriously always comes in handy. It's size makes it almost impossible to fill up.

Well guess what??  I am giving one away!  Check out Michaela's blog today to enter!


Mom's un-styled mantle

In the midst of all the perfectly styled holiday decorations floating around the web this time of year, sometimes I crave something a little more real. Don't get me wrong, I love all the pretty and perfect, but there are times when comfortable and homey are where it's at. Especially this time of year.  With that being said here is a little peek of my Moms mantel.  It's not styled for these photos, nothing was moved, nothing was tweaked.  It's simply how it looks today. 

Doesn't Moms place always feel like home?


Happy Monday!

Don't you wish you could stay in bed and be as comfy as lola all day? 

With Monday in full swing let's talk about the highlight of our weekend.  Mine was sneaking back into our new house to find our backsplash up. Obsessed with how it looks with our counters!

What was the highlight of your weekend?!


Holiday Gift Wrap

Every year I am pretty crazy about my gift wrap.  It has to match my decor and it has to look a little special.  At the same time, after dropping hundreds of dollars on gifts, the last thing I want to do is break the bank on fancy paper and ribbons.  This years solution? The dollar tree.  Yup. Entire roll of  craft paper $1. Fancy tape 4/ $1. Snowflakes 6/$1. I had an entire 200 yard roll of this elastic that I picked up in downtown LA literally a few years ago, so that was almost free. My favorite thing is to shop at stores that provide you with fancy boxes a la Anthropologie and simply add a little decoration. 

How are you wrapping your gifts this year? What is your go to gift wrap store?


My wish list

Word on the street is that I am a hard person to buy for. I find this funny, because I seem to think I like a ton of things, regardless of price point. None the less, here is my wish list this Christmas.  Hopefully it helps you cross off a person or two from your list.
My wish list


Throwback Holiday Soiree

I know it's not Thursday, but that never stopped me from having a little Throwback.  With the holiday season in full force I am super bummed this year that I can't throw a party of my own.  Last year we had a fabulous Holiday Soiree, so lets just relive that today. You know that some sort of party will have to happen as soon as I am in my house!



Are you throwing a party this year?


The Final Stretch

We are in the final stretch guys! They are trying to get us in by the end of the year, which personally I think is optimistic, but none the less the day is near. Today was the LAST time we get to see the house before walk through day.  Starting next week the doors will be locked, flooring will be installed, and all the final touches will take place. I seriously can not wait to finally be in a home again. 
I'm not thrilled with the exterior.  It's not the charming cottage or colonial I long for, but the inside more than makes up for it in my opinion.  And once I do the landscaping I think it will really be pulled together. 

My bright white kitchen makes me so happy.  And the door!  One of my favorite things. 

These babies will soon be covered in grey herringbone carpet. 

 Is it weird that I love my hallway? So wide.

Can't wait for my rain shower head and those subway tiles to be mine!

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting?

BTW: Did you see us on Daring Coco's gift guide last week?  Vintage scarves still available here. 


Pretty Presents

Have you started wrapping your gifts yet?  How pretty is this little package K.R.T. Home is sending out today?  If you make a purchase and need it gift wrapped, just let me know, and I can see what I can do ;)

BTW:  A little bird told me K.R.T. Home might be on Glamour Mash  and Two Delighted today.  Go show all these ladies some love!


Coffee Table Book Wish List

Hands down one of my favorite gifts to receive are coffee table books.  You can never have too many and they effortlessly dress up any surface. I don't have any of these yet, but I'd happy to receive any of them :) 






What's your favorite kind of gift to receive?


Flea Finds

Some of my favorite days are spent perusing the local flea.  This past weekend was no exception. Here's a peek at some of my new treasures:
Add caption
I'm kind of in love with all my little finds..... Not quite sure if they will make it to the store, or end up in my new casa.....

Have you found any treasures lately?


Holiday Photos and 40% off Cyber Monday!

Who says Mondays aren't any fun?!  Cyber Monday is probably my favorite Monday of them all!  Start your week off happy with 40% off Floral Flea Market Totes and all Wall Art!  YES, including vintage framed scarves! Shop K.R.T. Home today :)
Here's a little behind the scenes of us getting our holiday photos taken. Can't wait to show you what they look like! 

Are you sending a photo card this year?
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