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One of my favorite parts about the holidays?!  Picking my gift wrap!  Crazy I know, but sometimes when a present is wrapped pretty, it makes it seem so much more thoughtful.  A gift from the heart is the best gift you can give. 

I'd been dying to get my hands on some glitter tape.  Glitter tape is the theme this year. Who am I kidding?  Glitter anything  is the theme of my life. 
 Gift tags. 

 What are your gifts going to look like this year?  Do you put as much thought behind the gift wrap, or am I just crazy?



As much as I love getting the latest and the greatest for Christmas, sometimes homemade gifts are the best.  The time, thought, and love put into these gifts make even the simplest sentiments special. While I think Pinterest has everybody thinking they are the next Martha Stewart, I've rounded up my fav DIYS that most people wont screw up, and I  would love to receive. 

Easy, cost effective, and on trend.  Use any platter. 

I'm super obsessed with gold accents lately and the options are endless with gold leafing. 

There is no such thing as too many friends or too many friendship bracelets.  How cute and dainty are these?

How classy is a little bit of Champs and a little bit of sparkle?! 

Sharpie art is popping up everywhere these days.  I'd go for metallic for sure and an unexpected dish.  Love the way these look. 

What kid doesn't love a fort?!  Follow these instructions but use 6 ft sticks instead of  3ft for children. Less than $20! 

Options are endless with colors and accessories.  Would look super cute with a unique soap dish. 

Are you going to try any DIY's this year?  If so I want to see how they come out!


Keeping it old school with our giveaway buy pulling straight from Lola's stocking. 


Hannah from Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget!  Congrats Hannah!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  Your support is everything to me!



Happy Monday everybody!  Hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend!  I def ate WAY too much and even got most of my shopping done.  Any one else black friday it up? It was my first year doing it and it was actually kind of fun.  

The stockings are finally up at our casa.  So excited to have a mantle to hang them from this year!

I like to keep the decorations simple around our house.  I have this irrational fear of our house feeling cluttered.  (Not just when it comes to holiday decorations).

 Since I do not have a real tree I rely on this baby for that christmas tree smell.  Loving the way it smells!
Bath & Body Works

 Our Starbucks tree is standing proud in our kitchen. Changed it up this year.  If you haven't heard the story behind this tree you can read it here. 

 My new little Lola ornament was a black friday steal.

The outdoors are on hold because we are having the house painted this weekend. Black friday at Home Depot was $5 real wreaths and $0.99 poinsettia's. Can't beat that!

Anyone scoring on some cyber monday deals today?  I have a few things left to buy and hoping to get them online.  Let me know if I'm missing any that I shouldn't be!

P.S. Giveaway winner will be announced later today!



Happy Thanksgiving!!  Hope everyone has a day filled with love, family, and too much food! 

The last couple months my computer has become a cluttered mess of photos  and I finally took the time to go through and organize a bit.  In doing so I realized a few things 1) I have enough photos of Lola to publish coffee table book. 2) She should be a model 3) She is def on my top things to be thankful for this year.  How can a little dog bring so much freakin joy?!  Here's a few of her best looks ;)

If you don't have a dog you probably think I'm crazy. I'm done now. What are you thankful for today?

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Here is your Christmas Shopping cheat sheet for The Mr.  You know, your man, boyfriend, hubby, dad, brother, you name it.
Gift Guide: The Mr.

  • As much as they won't admit it, boys like to be pampered too.  Make him feel manly with an old school shaving soap.  The Art of Shaving has some beyond cool things that he probably wouldn't typically buy for himself but would love to have.
  • Cufflinks are always a good idea and these ones are Man proof.  Love Kate's sense of humor. 
  • Men who drink scotch are mysterious and sophisticated. Apparently. That's why every man needs a decanter to impress his friends with. Especially one with his initials on in. 
  • Important people have expensive pens. The Mr. is important. 
  • You can never go wrong with a Lacoste polo.  A classic staple. 
  • These iphone cases are kind of ridiculous.  Bamboo wood, suede interior, enough said.
  • Every person needs a nice weekender. How sexy is this one?
  • A tech gadget that is going to complement my decor? Yes please.  Sounds like a no brainer to me.
  • Men like knives. I noticed this when we registered for our wedding Fine China? pshh.. Knives? He's on it. 

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One of the things I was looking forward to most when Hubby and I first got married was the holidays!  It was so fun to have a place of our own that we could decorate and start our own traditions in.  As excited as I was, I began to become slightly overwhelmed when it came to tackling our first tree.  There was so much stuff that I needed and aimlessly picking cute things wasn't making for that show stopping tree I had always envisioned having.  It was then that I took a moment and created a plan. Here  I have broken down for you the steps I took in creating the tree I'd always envisioned. This is particularly helpful for those in the same boat, putting together your first tree, or just for a little inspiration. Hope you like.

First off, decide what you want your tree to look like.  Start with a simple color scheme, even if you know you are eventually going to add color. I chose silver and white.  For a theme I wanted something vintage and feminine. 


These are the essentails in building your tree.  I like to think of it as your Holiday Tree Starter kit. 
  1. Tree Skirt
  2. Garland or Ribbon.  (Homegoods) 
  3. Round ball ornaments in your matching color scheme. (Buy in bulk at either Big Lot's, Walmart, or Costco.  Plastic is better because they're cheaper and wont break)
  4. Accent accessories.  I chose flower clips and silver streamers. (Big Lots and 99 Cent Store)  Other great options are metallic sprays, twigs, feathers, etc.)
  5. Snowflakes.  These are a MUST for a new tree.  They are soooo cheap and can be thrown anywhere there is a gap in ornaments. Seriously buy a ton and use every last one. They come in a ton of different colors. 
  6. Tree Topper.  So many different options but I knew I had to have a classic star. (Homegoods)
The only thing missing is the FUN STUFF.  But we will get to that later. 


If this is your first holiday you probably have to buy a tree.  Unless you go the real route.  I'm the daughter of a fireman so from word one I was brain washed into thinking that if you had a real tree, your house would burn down, and there would be no Christmas.  Besides, I like the ability to manipulate branches to make them look as pretty as possible. 

 I highly highly highly recommend a pre lit tree.  It makes life so much easier.  The price may be scary at first but think about it, you're going to use this for YEARS!

 Evenly distribute the garland around all sides that are visible of the tree.

 Place accessories throughout the tree on all visible sides.

 Scatter round ball ornaments throughout the tree.

 Ok so I talked about FUN STUFF earlier.  Fun Stuff are all the ornaments that give character and personality to the tree, because up until now it's just a bunch of balls. FUN STUFF is if you have any left over cash after buying your starter kit, or for next year.  Buy a set or two every Holiday Season and watch your tree grow with you.  I know at first it's so hard not to go crazy and JUST buy the fun stuff, but trust me, your tree won't look like you are envisioning it.

 Look how fun all the FUN STUFF is.....

 Ok so you know how I told you buy a crapload of snowflakes?  Go crazy with them.

 Last but certainly not least!

This is what my tree looks like today, but is always growing.  Every year it becomes a little bit more complete.

BTW, I normally wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put my tree out, but did it early so that you guys could see this post before you put yours together, just in case you needed a little direction, inspiration, or motivation :)

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