Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  My head is spinning and things are crazy.  Buying a short sale is one of the most stressful things I have ever done.  Hopefully I will return victorious with some resolution and keys in hand.  Until then check out my pinterest to keep entertained. I take it pretty seriously.  I have a cuteness board that could rival most. 



The Preppy Student hosted a super fun earring swap and I was super excited about my pair.  Allana from A Husband and A Dog was my partner and I lucked out because she has some pretty good taste.  Check out her blog, we both have adorable puppies :)



Yesturday was my little sister's 22nd birthday.  While she didn't want anything big, just a few friends over for dinner, I still wanted to make the celebration a little bit special.  I was really inspired by Erin's pizza station at her last shindig.  I went with the idea of a homemade birthday using paper and bright colors as the main decor staple.  It ended up being a great day. Here is a peek:

Can't get over how fun these massive balloons are.  Any excuse I want one. They make pictures look so much more fun.
I used fabric scraps at the ribbon to add a homemade feel.

Attached was a gift tag and an envelope to put the gift.  I gave cash,but a gift card or card would work too.  Just make sure the balloon is secure because it would be terrible if a gift flew away!
Handwritten signs were EVERYWHERE.
By the end of the day these tables were covered in doodles and messages to the birthday girl.  Super fun idea.
Such a cost effective way to decorate!  The entire roll of white paper was only $7 at Staples.
OMG seriously obsessed with these colored buckets!  Perfect shades and will look so cute in my craft room.
Drinks always taste better from a bottle.  SO cute and made everyone feel cooler.

My less fancy version of Erin's pizza station.
Asians do sweets right.
This mosquito net did wonders for keeping the cake free of flies.

We created a space for people to lounge in the yard.




So Bobby and I's thing is restaurants.  We love nothing more than trying new places, sampling as much of the menu as possible and discussing all the things we love or hate about the decor and functionality.  For our anniversary we spent the night in San Diego and had an amazing dinner at the restaurant Searsucker.  To be honest we didn't really know what to expect but one thing I was super impressed with was the decor. I loved the blend of masculine and feminine touches and the entire vibe just felt right. 

The scale of these lights to everything else made such a statement. 

Such a comfy place to spend the night. 

For me, its all in the details.  Loved their logo of a little man smoking a pipe. Those blue glasses, so feminine and chic. 


Some of the best food I've had in a while.  SOOO flavorful. 

How fabulous is this reclaimed table?

Marble table is the perfect balance to the reclaimed one. 

The next time I'm in town I'll def be stopping in again.  What are some of your favorite restaurants with great decor?

Our DIY bracelets. 
Images by me and VIA


Happy 3rd anniversary to the most amazing husband in the world. This is only the beginning!
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