Accessories make my life. Seriously.  You all know I'm obsessed with sunglasses, shoes, and bags, but I love the ability accessories have within the house to make a space feel like a home.  I get bored really easily, and while I would love to just drop cash redoing my place on a whim, sometimes just rearranging a few things can make a place feel fresh. Today I was bored with my bathroom.  Here's a look at how I re-dressed the place.
Practicality at its best.  All my daily essentials at arms length.
Cool jars house necessities. 
Extra TP for guests, lotion and matches.
All my pretties.
A clean and organized bathroom feels amaze.

Here's a peek at a few other random accessory closeups through out mi casa.
Current coffee table reads

Pretty jars and votives on my table.

Vintage prom dress, paper crown, chanel ribbon, maple leaf necklace.
Kitchen Island is always in rotation.
My treasure cabinet.

My Mother in Law would be proud.
Yes. I have a crystal chandelier hanging in my tiny apartment.....


ACE HOTEL.palmsprings

Valentine's Day is booked.  Can't wait to spend some time with my love basking in the desert sun :) Known to be a hipster haven, (we tend to like places like that), can't wait to check it out. Look back next month for a review and pics :)



Ok, thank the heavens for Pinterest and all the amazing recipes I stumble upon. Today I tried this amazing tomato sandwich recipe that the husband and I fell in love with.

The original recipe can be found here: http://www.ezrapoundcake.com/archives/16580

I used lemon pepper instead of regular, feta cheese instead of pepper jack, and added a little olive oil to the mix.  So many different things you could add, like maybe a little red onion, in a pita, or use a low fat sour cream instead of yogurt.  
Filling made up of tomato's, avocado, cucumber, olive oil, chives instead of cilantro, lemon pepper and salt to taste.

Non fat greek yogurt, chives, lemon pepper and salt
Feta Cheese.  Would also taste great with pepper jack, cheddar, or goat.
Something about sprouts that make every sandwich better.
It looks as beautiful as it tastes.

What are your favorite pinterest recipe finds?



As many of you know I received my very first Chanel bag this year for Christmas from my fabulous husband. I decided on the Classic Mini, I believe mine is the 3rd generation. While shopping for the bag, being that their were waiting lists involved I wasn't able to see it and try it on in the store.  I had to base my decision on my purchase on the time I tried it on in Vegas 6 months prior. With that being said I decided to share pics of this little beauty for you to see in the event that you are thinking of purchasing one and can't find one near you.

I love the chic box it came in.
Her little dust bag.
black caviar leather, white gold, crossbody.  Perfect length for a comfortable crossbody fit.  I was pleased to see that the new mini is a bit bigger than the old one.

Her behind

Close up of clasp.

Classic burgundy interior.  Zipper side pocket.  The first mini I had tried on was the generation before and I was very pleased to see that the 3rd generation was a tad bit bigger :)
It's the perfect size for an evening out.  Above is my wallet, iphone, keys, and lipstick.  Day time is a little tougher, but I'll make it work for my beauty. 



Favorite dress (Urban Outfitters)


Favorite Sweater (Zara)


 Frye boots


A little bit of this
 (Bendels, cartier, michelle, tiffany's, chinese laundry)


My go to look as of late.
With this crazy beautiful LA weather it's been really hard to remember that it's still winter.  This has made for an interesting time trying to decide what to wear because I feel as though I should just skip to spring.  Lately I have been pairing some of my favorite spring or summer dresses with a chunky winter sweater. It's a fun way to mix things up, using what is normally worn as a dress as a simple skirt.  While this pink dress is so chic on its own for spring or summer, I love warming it up and getting use of it through out the year.


It's the little things

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
-Robert Brault

Here's a peek at a few of the little things that are making me happy as of late.
This beautiful California has brought my little bonsai tree back to life.
My beautiful new bag.  She'll have a post of her own soon :)
One of my favorite gifts for Christmas.  I could watch it over and over.
Days at the Park

My new Tiffany's bracelet.  I'm not one who wears an overload of T's but I'm in love with this bracelet.  Super delicate and easy to layer.  Shown above with my Bendel's cuff.
I recently bought this sweater from Zara.  It has a great metallic sheen to it.  I have found so many great ways to wear it!  Such a good purchase.
I LOVE Trader Joes.  They have so many great things and I love to try something new as often as possible. My latest discoveries that I'm in love with?  

Avocado and Lemon Pepper on a piece of toast.....OMG heaven

So this would be a great snack if I could only eat the serving size.  I could seriously down a whole bag!

What are some of your tried and true Trader's options?  


Pinterest Love

Is anyone as obsessed with Pinterest as I am???  If you haven't seen it yet check it out.  It is basically a place online to store and share all your virtual inspiration boards.  You can find everything from style and fashion, to recipes, to words of wisdom, and really cute animals.  My favorite part is that once you add the pin it button to your tool bar you can pin almost anything you may come across online and want to easily come back to.  Here's a look as some of my current pins I'm loving.  All pictures are from pinterest and can be linked back to original owner by clicking them off my pinterest page.


Where can I buy this dress???
Love the idea of getting creative with tights
so cool

How cool is this bed?
White Simplicity is everything

I want this bird because it would match my house perfectly ;)

Lola's Mini ME
"Oh NO!!"

This cake is happening for my birthday....

Vege Sandwich I am going to try.

I'm cooking this Santa Fe Chicken Croc Pot recipe tonight.  If its good I'll show you how it turned out.

PS If your on pinterest find me!  Im Kristentheo
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