Can you believe Christmas has come and gone?!  I don't know about you but every year right about this time I get a little post Christmas blues.  I think there is such a build up to the day, and this year there was such a build up to our holiday party, that now I feel like, "Now what?".  I need something to inspire me.  I need something to work toward.  From here you'll find me on Pinterest trying desperately to fuel my creativity.

NYE is on the horizon and I am excited about that. There is something so refreshing about a new year filled with new opportunities, new goals, and a new chance at changing the things you are not happy with today.  I'll be ringing in new year at a fabulous party and dressing in some fabulous sparkles that I received for Christmas. What are your plans? Anyone else feeling a lack of creativity lately?  Where do you go to recharge when you are feeling this way?


  1. This year definitely went by so quick btw. Lola is so cute !

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  2. i feel that way too a little. there is so much bustle and excitement leading up to christmas then it is over way too fast! i'm having a little get-together this saturday (tomorrow) so that is giving me something to look forward to. but otherwise, i'm feeling a little burnt out. hoping to have energy/inspiration for some fun projects in the new year!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. OMG so bloody cute!! Yes I have been feeling a wee bit sluggish all around. I am wearing a silver and grey striped skirt and new booties with a grey sequined jacket. Very sparkly! Following on Bloglovin! Have a great New Years : )

    Ali of:


  4. Beautiful photo! Happy holidays :)


  5. Such great ideas!! We are spending it at our friends house!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!


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