Ok, so isn't it the worst when you do a DIY in hopes of saving money, but after trail and error you end up at the craft store multiple times and spent double what you expected? Well that is how this projected ended up.  Lucky for you my mistakes will help you to get it right the first time if you decide to try glass etching. 

Here we go:

Glass you would like to etch
Etching Cream
Sponge brush.
Stencil or stickers and tape
Paper towel or cotton balls

RULE #1 for etching- Don't follow directions on bottle. 
RULE #2 for etching- Do follow safety precautions on bottle because I don't want to be responsible for burning your skin off. 


Thoroughly wash and dry glass.

STEP #2:

Apply sticker wherever you want the etching to take place. ( I first tried the whole make your own stencil using contact paper thing.  Only waste your time if you have very steady hand.  Mine looked a little too homemade for my taste)

STEP #3:

Carefully tape the area around the sticker.  Be sure it looks proportioned.  This area will all be etched. 

I found this step to be very important.  
Using either a cotton ball or paper towel, gently rub area to be etched with alcohol.  You want a surface with no finger prints, dust, or oils.  Dry alcohol of glass. 


Apply Etching cream with sponge brush.  USE A VERY THICK COAT.  It should be even and completely white.  Use more than you think you should.  The bottle says to let it sit for 60 seconds.  That seriously did nothing. I let mine sit for 20 minutes. Be very careful not to get any cream outside the tape.


 After 20 minutes rinse under warm water and peel sticker and tape.  Dry thoroughly.


 My monogramed stemless glasses are complete! The design will not wash of because it is actually etched into the glass. 
 I added a cute little heart on the backside of the glasses using simple heart stickers.

Hopefully these glasses will make a couple people pretty happy this Christmas. Have you tried etching before?  It's actually quite simple one you get the hang of it.  I feel like etching everything I own now.  Up next?  I may try an Ikea mirror thats sitting in the back of my closet.


  1. Kristen these came out darling and especially all wrapped up and ready for gifting! I feel you on the trips to the craft store and unexpected expense... sometimes genius takes a little trial and error. Next time you'll reap the rewards and it'll be a snap. Thanks for sharing!

  2. these came out great! I am going to have to try this sometime! Oh the possibilities!

  3. Love it....and your tips make things clearer....what a beautiful gift! That is one happy couple who received that gift! You are such a sweet friend. And yes, I always end up spending so much money on DIYs even though they were supposed to be cheap! But they are fun.

  4. This is such a great idea! They came out pretty - and I love how you wrapped them.
    PS - Thanks so much for your comment on my IFB article! So happy you liked it.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  5. It seems I always do that too! End up spending way more $ than I thought I would. Recently racked up $150 at MIchaels and nearly choked at the register! But these are well worth your efforts! Goergeous results!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm the worst at diys. I'm so apprehensive at trying them! Trying to get my courage back though hehe. Glad to see you stuck it out!!!

  7. The end result is beautiful! I've been wanting to do an etching project for so long...gonna keep your tips in mind :)


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