Is anybody else as in love with Emily Henderson as I am?  If you are then you probably saw this reveal on her blog today, but for those who don't, you are welcome.

I have loved the look of this room for quite sometime.  I may have accidentally pinned it more than once.  A few years later, the couple who own this home have had a baby so time for a REVAMP.  I'm a little shocked that baby proofing this room made it a million times better design wise. Crazy right?

Here is the space now:

So there are a few things about this space that totally do it for me.

1. The way she slipcovered the bench seat.  Gives it a Boho vibe that I am all about lately, and protects the white cushions that I currently have as well. It is also WAY more cost effective that slipcovering the entire thing, or reupholstering it. 

2. The collage wall.  I mean come on.  It really couldn't be done any better. 
 3. I feel the sudden urge to find an XL Moroccan pouf.   Like I think I really need one. Now.

3. This cabinet.  LOVE the mix of white and wood, and love the idea of using this in place of a bar cart. Such a perfect corner. 

4. The accessories. That bowl is too cool and I'm sure my next diy will be spray painting an animal gold. Lola better watch out. 

What do you think?  Did you like the original or new look better?  All photos via. 


  1. I've always like this room but I REALLY love it now with the changes she made! Who knew baby-proofing could be so fab?? I really love what she did with the sofa. And I've been lusting after that wallpaper forever!

  2. Wow, her wallpaper is out of this world! I am in love!!

  3. I love Emily too....I mean she is adorable and funny and has great taste! I love both rooms but actually did prefer the before one....but really I wouldn't complain with the second one either. I spray paint everything gold...including a DIY I did today....yes! happy weekend!!

  4. I love the wall paper! white and gold are always such a great mix :) however I think with the blue thing in the sofa ( i dont know the word in english) the room loses many of the light it had before when it was white. Anyway, a new look is always great!! xx

  5. Loving all the pops of color & she just makes the most perfect collages doesn't she?

  6. I love Emily! This room is so gorgeous! I love the way she covered the sofa. Yels x

  7. I love both and I love oh joy and her work !

    Love Chrissi xo



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