Hello all my lovelies!  We are nearing the 100 follower mark here at Just A Girl and I am so excited to be having a giveaway to show my appreciation for all my fabulous followers! Only problem is, we have to hit 100 before I give all the details.  Let's get on in people :) Here is a peek at what I'm giving away.

 If you have been around awhile then you probably already know that I've got a thing for maps.  These were hung in my last apartment and they are def one of the top 10 things I own. I haven't quite decided where these babies will go, or how they will be styled in my new place.  I'm torn between my powder or dining. (Two totally different spaces, I know!)

Well one lucky reader will get not one, but two maps that look just like mine!  The Italy, and London ones to be exact.  These maps were originally sold at the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic store, but are no longer! Lucky me, I got my hands on few, So this is kind of extra special. :) 


  1. Hi there! Newest follower. I am a local Orange County blogger and I love love love maps!! Let's get this giveaway going!!!

  2. My goodness. My boyfriend is actually smitten with maps! He is always on google maps looking up something or another. We would love to win these! They are beautiful

  3. I love maps especially the vintage variety!

  4. Those maps are really gorgeous! I love the look when people frame them as art!

  5. Newest follower!!! Amazing blog you have here. . .so lovely!
    I absolutely ADORE that Italia map. . .vintage and my country? Yes, please!!! LoL


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