The work week is more than half over my party people. Hope you are all surviving it.  I enjoyed the last two days off, the joys of working weekends... Here's a peek around the house this week. 

Rediscovered Influence by MKA.  Forgot how much I LOVE this table book. Also forgot how much I love my pouf and CB2 coffee table. 

Bought a few flowers, trying to spruce up the front yard a bit.  At least make it look like some actually occupies it now. 

Kind of obssessed with these birthday candles.  Aren't they so cool? Bobby's birthday was over two weeks ago but these babies will probably stay center table all year. 

Our collection of Greek Icons are growing. 

A few favorites. 
Lola's new baby sleeping in her bed.
She's become quite the guard dog since moving in.  It's quite annoying actually.  I'm officially the owner of "that dog". You know, the one that wont shut up. :/
But really, how can I stay mad at the face?
This baby was another inheritance I scored from Mom's storage.  She'll be going up in the family room this weekend. 
Anyone interested in learning how to rewire a chandelier and adding a chain?  It's great if you have a fixture you want to use but no electrical.  I'll be doing it this weekend and will share next week.
FYI- My new sectional is finally in, so you know what that means?!? Living room reveal next week :)


  1. Totally envious of your lucite coffee table and poof! They look especially good layered that way.
    You're house is really coming along! xo

  2. I'm loving all these little details to your house - they all add up to make such a unique place! Can't wait to follow along to see what else you're up to!


  3. I thought I recognized that offer table! And I am officially the owner of those dogs too, three of them in fact :) wish I could say you just get used to it, but you don't.

  4. Great Light! I'm about to score some things from my Nana and I'm very excited about it.

  5. I just got Influence! I love it! Your house looks beautiful, I love all the details!


  6. Haha I love Lola's baby! My dog used to be "that" dog but every time she even uttered a peep we would gasp really loud and then act sooooooo disappointed in her. The tail would go under the legs and she quickly learned to stop! Loving the new chandy, can't wait to see it up!

    1. So I tried gasping and it totally worked. She seriously put her tail down in shame. Now I just need to be consistent about it!

  7. ahahah really who could be mad at that wittle furry face! She's too cute! My dog gets a case of the yips every now and then! I think it's little dog syndrome our dogs are experiencing... which is kind of cut after all :)

    Can't wait for the reveal!

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