Happy Halloween my dear friends!  Lola and I will spend tonight with family, some of this yummy soup, and lots and lots of trick or treaters. What are you're plans for this evening?
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Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see the reveal of my new fireplace!



 Presently my craft studio consists of a table, stools and boxes of craft supplies.  While it may not be my idea of an inspiring retreat, at least I have one right? Wouldn't it be nice to get work done in any of the spaces below?

In time my craft room will get there.



Happy Monday everyone!!  Hope everyone's weekend was fab.  Sunday I unpacked all of my craft stuff so guess what that means?!  Sunday was craft day!  I spent my afternoon catching up on all the easy diy's floating around the blogosphere that I'd been dying to try.  Check 'em out. All of these were SUPER easy taking under 20 minutes each. 


So I saw these at Anthropologie a few months back and was shocked at how much they were charging for them!! Highway robbery I tell you.  Especially because they require no skill to make, and I knew for a fact the material runs about $0.14/yard.

You need: Fold over elastic, scissors, a lighter.
1. CUT
 2. TIE 3.BURN

Got fancy with some bows.

 Went a little cray and made some headbands too.  


I saw this idea on GlamourMash. 
 I don't know about you but I have a bunch of keys on my chain and it always takes a few tries to figure out which one is for my front door.  Perfect solution: bling it out.


These babies have popped up everywhere lately.  If you missed my post check it out here. 

First plan, paint it white.
 Did this and almost just left it. But then I remembered how much I hate orange unless it's caring something Hermes.
 Painted it white.

 Repeated first step. White on white.
 Sprinkled a little glitter top because glitter makes everything a little bit better, right?

By the way, Lola's really excited to have some matching dent free bows ;)



As many of you know I get the decor bug from my mother. If you missed my post about her casa check it out here.  The house my parents live in at the moment is an in between house so a TON of their stuff is in storage. This week we made a visit to pick up a few things, and I was lucky enough inherit some of her stuff that she is presently not using.  Check out my finds, best part? They were free!!

(Please excuse the horrible mis matched door hardware. Still need to figure that out.)

This cute little table was given to my mother by my grandmother when she moved into her first apartment.  Love that it's now in my first home!

 Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic rustic coffee table?!  YES PLEASE! I could never have afforded to buy this right now.  Thank goodness she didn't have room for it!

This mirror belonged to my Great-Grandmother. It's a little banged up but that doesn't bother me at all.  Need to find a place to hang this baby. 

Growing up my mom always had a basket of quilts in the family room for watching TV.  This one is so broken in that its probably on her last leg. Nothing more comfy.

Clearly most of these pieces are pretty traditional and would have been styled very differently in my mother or grandmothers home.  Can't wait to mix in some more modern and boho pieces with these to really make my home my own. 

BTW, kinda obsessed with this song lately.  The CD is pretty great. 

The Lumineers - The Dead Sea from The Sights Of Sounds on Vimeo.



 As much as I would have loved to drop a ton of cash and completely remodel my kitchen, that just was not in the budget.  This is my more affordable way of making over my kitchen to make it feel a little more me.  READY?


2. PAINT $800 including labor.

3. BACKSPLASH $45 materials, $150 labor

4. MOULDING $100 including labor



All together we spent less than $1500 not including the refrigerator, (It was a gift from my fabulous mother in law). Not bad considering the difference I think it made.

 Next up? Replacing that horrible stove and microwave for the matching Jenn-Air.  But that wont be anytime soon. Also looking for some incredibly cheap, yet incredibly chic hardware.  I'm thinking something glass or polished silver.  If you know of any affordable options feel free to let me know.



  I forgot how much I love spending nights in with the hubby, Lola, and some home cooked food!  Is everyone else loving this fall weather as much as I am? This last week my new kitchen has gotten a ton of use, lets just say she's officially broken in!
A little hint at what I've done to the space!
While I am not doing the big kitchen reveal until tomorrow I'm going to leave you with a simple recipe I tried tonight and actually really loved.  Who knew you could bake an avocado?!?

1. Combine in a bowl chopped tomato, a ton of lemon pepper, a little salt, a little olive oil  and about half a teaspoon of minced garlic.
2. Cut an avocado in half, remove the seed and slather avocado with lemon pepper.
3. Fill the pits of the avocado with tomato mixture and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. 
4. Bake at 450 for about 10 minutes.
5. Served immediately. 




So one of the reasons that I have yet to show you my renovated family room is because I ordered a sectional that is yet to be delivered.  I was pretty adamant about what I wanted out of both my sectional and my space. 

I believe the family room is the heart of the home and mine should be:
Lived in
Laid back
A little bit bohemian

I envision fall days spent melting in a cloud like, fluffy, sofa catching up on my DVR or pinning away on my MacBook Pro. 

Prereq's for my  sofa:
Down Feather
Ultra soft
Washable (Always a must for white)
Non stuffy
Basically any of these:

Too many pillows are a must. 

Looks so comfy. (Awelltraveledwoman.tumblr.com)


How great is this room? (fieldstonehilldesign.com)

Ummm a grown up bean bag and matching throw?!  Now thats the comfy I'm talking about! VIA

Bench seats are the best. VIA
What are your prereq's for a family room?  Do you prefer the lived in look or something a bit more structured?



Remember this dark and claustrophobic dining room?

Well here it is now!  Amazing what about 4 coats of primer and white paint can do to a space.  While it is far from done, I wanted to give you a peek of at least one space downstairs.

Now I need your help.  I am stuck on window coverings.  Here are my options:
1. light and bright white sheers
2. Thicker cream colored panels
3.DIY ombre dipped sheers in a bright color on the ends.

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