I'm kinda in love with the look of an exposed closet. Not quite sure I could go all in and do away with my closet completely, but I love the idea of having a small section of my bedroom to display my prettiest pieces.

So much to love about this space. (doricelee.tumblr.com)

Can you even imagine living in such a regal place? (apartmenttherapy.com)
Probably and easier idea for men with less stuff. (79ideas.org)

Not sure this closet is actually exposed, but it should be. (thedecorista.com)


Baby clothes are the cutest.  Without a doubt my baby will have an exposed closet. (tiedwithabouw.blogspot.com)

What do you think? Could you make an exposed closet work?


  1. I love the first one and the third one. The difficulty with an exposed closet is that by itself it gives the room a 'messy' look, so everything else in the room should be clean and organised which would be a hard task for me. I would love to try it out though!
    Love, Victoria.

  2. i really like it too actually! my friend does that and i always think it is nice..

  3. All these photos are inspiring for sure...But in the reality I don't think it works out like above....I know if my closet were exposed it wouldn't be as romantic or beautiful....but we can dream for sure! I will take the room and closet of the second photo in two seconds....it takes my breath away.

  4. I think a single clothing rack would be awesome to display all the prettiest pieces in your closet. But anything more and I would feel a little messy or something... or overexposed. But I like the idea of it!

    Hope you have an amazingly epic weekend!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  5. I love the second photo! Absolutely gorgeous!


  6. I really like this idea! I had it for a year, but dust stick on the clothes... :(

  7. You definitely should do it dear! It feels fantastic when you walk into a room and see the fashion art. I expose my most beautiful shoes, bags, rings, nail polishes, necklaces and dresses:) I'm looking forward to seeing your final result pics;)




  8. I love an exposed closet! But i always fear it'll end up looking messy!!! Love your blog! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! :) hope you have a fabulous weekend! :) xx

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