As many of you guys know I'm pretty much obsessed with white.  I have white walls, lots of white furniture, and usually bring color through accessories. I still do not have the guts to go all out. Like white on white on white all out. I think maybe in my new house I'll try doing one space all white.  At Home with White by Atlanta Bartlett is an amazing coffee table book that shows you exactly how to pull off this look without looking cold or sterile.  Here's a peek at some of my favorite pictures.
Mirrors are my favorite. 
So much white but lots of different shades and textures. 
Love the mix of modern and traditional. 
Absolutely agree.

Who wouldn't drool over this amazing tub?
Love the idea of wood in a fireplace for decor. 
Pops of color are even bigger when everything else is white. 


  1. LOVE the room with mirrors. I love white and shades of beige too! I have a beige couch and I swear to you my sister wants it dead. She has spilled red wine, gotten blood on it AND her dog puked on it! Good thing it's microsuede and stains come right out! Jeesh!

    Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Holly Foxen Wells

  2. White is such a calm and restful colour and I love the mix of old and modern shown here. i especially like the circular table and chairs.

  3. A absolutely love a romantic white decor for home interiors - so classic and chic!


  4. Ha I knew I liked you'r style - I too love Atlanta Bartlett - she started my white obsession and I have 3 of her books, including 'At Home with White' x


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