Petit Hotel D'hafa: MEXICO

Hotels are some of my favorite places to gather inspiration from. Who doesn't want to feel like they live in a luxurious resort?  When hubby and I travel, rather than staying in big chains, we love to find small boutique hotels, much like our attitude with restaurants.  I stumbled upon this one online yesterday and I can't get over how much eye candy is going on here. While I typically don't use as much color in my decor, if I did it would be a lot like this.  Lots of colors popping off lots of whites.  This is how to do Mexican Chic.

Check out Petit Hotel D'hafa here.

Trail of hearts...I mean really, how cute is that?

Love me some white walls. Those wings, that window, the color of the bedding. 


Never thought I'd like this much color but this space makes me so happy.


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