Inspiring Spaces: Milk & Honey

Everywhere I go I am on the hunt for inspiration.  Whether it's in the beauty of nature, the design of a monument, or the decor of a cafe or lounge, there are elements all around us that can be incorporated into our lives. 

I have come to terms with the fact that in my price range, I am going to get more of a small side patio than a real yard. With that being said, in my hunt for small stylish outdoor spaces I have realized that even the smallest of spaces can feel cozy, welcoming and unique.  I have found my inspiration at a coffee shop in Costa Mesa called Milk & Honey. 

With an outdoor seating area about the size of all the yards in my price range, they have created a space that really feels like home. 

From the outside looking in it looks like a secluded oasis of its own.
Comfy and eclectic furniture makes it a place you want to hang a for a while. (thingsanlikes.com)
Accent wall and water feature are the focal point of the entire space. 
Overhead trellis makes for a beautiful green ceiling. 

Pretty details make all the difference.
Light fixtures and outdoor chandeliers  set the mood.  I can only image this place in the evening.
miss matched and eclectic furniture.
Succulents all around.

Where are your favorite places go gather inspiration?  


  1. This is a cute little space. I love going to places with cozy outdoor spaces. Certainly great inspiration here!


  2. I like going to the beach for inspiration :) You have a lovely blog. I'm following you, have a great weekend :)

  3. Its really a nice place to be. Why we haven't something like that in my hometown?


  4. omg this is the cutest restaurant i have ever seen! i just adore it :D next time i am in costa mesa i am totally going to have to go!!! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls


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