I love coffee table books.  I love the way they look as decor. I love the way they become conversation starters when guests visit. I love scoring great deals on them online or in the bargain section of the book store.  I feel like large quantities of them make a space feel like home.

Love books styled on or under a lucite table. (Adelightfuldesign.com)

Is this not just pure amazing? (myfriendbettysays.com)
Could this book wall be any cooler? (decor8blog.com)

Separate by color. (rrantiques.tumblr.com)

(Philip Gorrivan)

Two of my favorite things.  Frame wall and coffee table books.(thecoveteur.com)

My Favorites:

Annie Leibovitz at Work and Influence.

Any and all Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell books. 

Next on my wish list is definitely Cupcakes and Cashmere.  

Looking to add to my collection.  What are your favorites?  


  1. I also really want the Cupcakes & Cashmere book! It would look so cute sitting on a coffee table.

  2. Of course love anything by Kelly Wearstler and all those Hip Hotels books...they're so chock full of color and style, leave em open for a punch of all out pattern and style! Great inspiration!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. Oh my God…This is so so cool. Your blog totally rocks!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Girl. you are reading my mind. I have books everywhere right now. Of course mine are no where near as fabulously styled as these... weekend project maybe.

    thanks for visiting me!

    xoxo, Emily

  5. This is great inspiration. I love coffee table books- they're such great decoration, and tell so much about a person. Thanks so much for linking up for our blog hop. We were so happy to have you!

  6. I adore the coffee table books I do have, but want more for sure! Its tough to procure a collection as the price adds up QUICK! Every time I go book shopping I have a hard time narrowing it down past 5 must haves, and I certainly don't have an extra 3-400 to spend on books no matter how lovely and inspiring, unfortunately.
    Awesome post!

    Raiana xo


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