Succulent Love

There is nothing like bringing a little life into a space, and second to a puppy, the best way is through flowers.  I have always been a fluffy flower girl.  Rose's, peonies, and hydrangea's top my list and always make a space feel like home. So why on earth am I suddenly into succulents?  This is so not me.  Too much pinterest maybe?  I think it's just proof that my style is evolving. 

Mixed with florals. (Photo by: First Comes Love).
K for Kristen. (bhg.com).

Small anything are cute.  (Stylemepretty.com)

Pastels and whites would fit into my home beautifully. (Corianda.me)

Beautiful wall art. (Tiffany's Living Art on Etsy).
Cacti always a classic. (West Elm).
Styled perfectly. (Harwell photograhy).
How do you feel about succulents? Yay or nay?


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