As many of you know I received my very first Chanel bag this year for Christmas from my fabulous husband. I decided on the Classic Mini, I believe mine is the 3rd generation. While shopping for the bag, being that their were waiting lists involved I wasn't able to see it and try it on in the store.  I had to base my decision on my purchase on the time I tried it on in Vegas 6 months prior. With that being said I decided to share pics of this little beauty for you to see in the event that you are thinking of purchasing one and can't find one near you.

I love the chic box it came in.
Her little dust bag.
black caviar leather, white gold, crossbody.  Perfect length for a comfortable crossbody fit.  I was pleased to see that the new mini is a bit bigger than the old one.

Her behind

Close up of clasp.

Classic burgundy interior.  Zipper side pocket.  The first mini I had tried on was the generation before and I was very pleased to see that the 3rd generation was a tad bit bigger :)
It's the perfect size for an evening out.  Above is my wallet, iphone, keys, and lipstick.  Day time is a little tougher, but I'll make it work for my beauty. 


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