Monsters Ball 2011

All I can say is wow.....

After seeing Gaga live I have a whole new love for her. I always thought she was just another pop singer who put on a good show but wasn't all that great of a singer. Boy was I wrong. That girl has some pipes and put on probably the best show I've ever been too. Weather you love her or hate her, there is no denying the girl can work a crowd.

Like a horrible blogger, my camera wasn't charged, so it died early in the night. Here is a peek at the few shots I managed to get.

The night started out at my fav restaurant Bottega Louie.

I didn't get to take a picture of my outfit so this is probably the best its going to get. I wore the same H&M dress I blogged about a few weeks ago, and made it GAGAesque with a giant sequin bow.

Did I forget to mention our seats were VIP Box seats courtesy of Cocoa Cola?!? Doesn't get any better than that.

My new Gaga bracelet.
Die hard fans went all out- the costumes were crazy!!!

This video isn't from the same night I went, but it was def one of my favorite parts of the show.


Lady Gaga Monter's Ball 2011

My amazing husband was able to work some magic and score us some tickets to see Lady GAGA at the Staples Center! I can't wait to see what kind of show she puts on, I'm sure it's insane!

I hear people go all out at her concerts with CRAZY outfits. Not sure I'll go crazy, but check back to see pics from the concert and what I wore.


Date Night: Santa Ana

Yesterday I went to a career marketplace at Fox Studios and came home to a date night with the hubby. I didn't have time to change so I had to wear something "professional" that could go day to night. Here's a look at what I wore.

skirt, cami, belt: The Gap/ Blazer and tights: H&M/Shoes: Louboutin/Watch: Michele

Bobby and I love going to new places. We normally don't spend time in Santa Ana but Bobby swore that downtown Santa Ana had some cool places to check out, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Downtown Santa Ana reminds me a lot of Old Town Pasadena pre-renovation. With so much character and beautiful architecture there is so much potential. Too bad California is broke.

I swear hipsters know the best bars and restaurants. There's a total hipster vibe at the Crosby, and you would never think to stop just driving by.

I was pretty impressed with the food at the Crosby. Both Presentation and taste did not disappoint. I hear the Mac and Cheese is to die for. If I weren't prepping for Vegas I would have ordered it for sure.

Final Verdict: Santa Ana has some cool places for a fun night out. If you like the hipster scene and want somewhere different to check out give it a go.


Viva Las Vegas

WOO HOOO.... Vegas is booked for spring break and I can not wait! I love a weekend in Vegas to get away, let loose, and have some fun. Here is my list of Vegas MUST haves.

1) A sweet suite

Everyone wants to go to Vegas and feel like a baller. We have a 2 bedroom suite at the the Planet Hollywood Towers. I've stayed there before and they do not disappoint. I love the vibe at this place, very young and hip.

2) A little black dress

Every girl needs a go to little black dress in her closet, reguardless if you are in Vegas or not. I scored a deal on this one by Theory at Nordstrom Rack. It fits really well. Not so sure about the booties with it above though.

3) Something sparkly

If ever a time to wear glitter, it would be in Vegas. In a perfect world these Louboutins would be the ones. But lets be real, you have to be rolling in the dough to afford to spend this much on shoes you aren't going to get that much use out of.
I was pretty surprised to see Ivanka Trump's new shoe line had something similar for MUCH less. (around $100)

3) a Hot Bikini

Ok I know this bikini doesn't scream VEGAS. It's not flashy or sparkly, but it is something I totally love. I'm a sucker for ruffles and I'm dying over JCrew right now.


Certain occassions call for some ultra dramatic fake lashes. Vegas is one of them. I'm in love with all the options Shu Uemura has to offer. Although, I don't know I could pull off the craziest ones above, I did find a beautiful pair I wore on my wedding day.

5) Tickets

Vegas is known for it's entertainment. It wouldn't be a proper trip without seeing a show. I am really hoping to check out O at the Bellagio.

6) Daytime sun dresses

Umm $12 for a Maxi dress? Yes please! This dress from forever21 is perfect for daytime in Vegas. Cute and stylish, yet cool and affordable.



Saw these at Nordstrom today and haven't gotten them out of my mind.....

Sam Edelman Lorissa



OMG I feel like a horrible 1) Blogger, 2) New Years Resolution keeper. Things have been out of control crazy at school lately, but I wanted to take a minute to share with you a small project I have been working on.

I wrote a short film and guess what its about? SHOES of course :) I don't want to give too many details yet, but it's about a quirky frustrated shoe designer. For now here are a few production stills.

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