Ok, so I know it's crazy but my bed probably has a larger wardrobe than some people. What can I say? A girls got to have her beauty sleep and nothing is worse than an uncomfortable bed, trust me, this last trip I went on I found myself dreaming of Shabby ruffles and white.

I sleep on nothing but Shabby Chic Couture poplin cotton. The reason I live by this bedding so much is 1) It's perfect for those lazy people who don't always make their beds, (I'm definitely one of them) because they look just as beautiful unmade or messy. When I do make my bed I throw it together so it looks a little disheveled. I'm all about the beauty of imperfection. You will not see me ironing a duvet! I've got better things to do. 2) I swear the more you wash, the softer it gets. My oldest sheets and pillowcases are the most comfy.

My entire house is comprised of white or neutral staples (bed, dresser, couch, etc.) and I bring color to my rooms through accessories. This is especially true in my bedroom so that anytime I change my bedding I get a different look.

I start with white walls,
A white bed,
A white dresser,
A white mannequin to display pretty things,
White curtains, and a crystal chandlier
My side table is mirrored, I have two white chairs instead of night stands, and a white lamp. Everything else changes, and changes often.

Now for a peek at my collection.

Here is what you will find on my bed:

A flat and fitted sheet. I have both white and prints, but all of which are subtle so they really can go with any duvet.

A Down Comforter with a duvet cover.
The Duvet is usually the star of the show with everything from my goto white ruffle, white linen for colder nights, red for christmas, and fun prints for when I'm bored.

Two down and feather pillows sit beside my bed that are used for sleeping.

An oversized body pillow
Seriously nothing beats the pillow. I challenge you to find one better.

Two oversized Euro Shams
Love a colorful duvet with white shams and vice versa...

Last but surely not least is my adorable boudoir.

As you can imagine, the combinations are endless. Here are some of my favorites.

Classic White

Pretty in Pink

A little floral here

A little Blue there

Hand embroidery
My fav...

As you can see I like to switch up my shelf above my bed as well.

What's your favorite?


  1. I love your beautiful home and bedding. You have such a warm and beautiful home that is so truly inviting. I have always loved how cozy it is.

  2. i love the pretty pink!!!but honestly all are very cute!!

  3. You've really perfected your style! The linens look perfect together! I love when several different patterns not made to go together fit perfectly. I think it really gives character to the room and you've done a wonderful job.


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