Ketchum Idaho Photo Journal

Sorry for the lack of posts latley! I was gone for a week in Idaho for a wedding and then Vegas for a little fun before my summer vacation is over. I wanted to dedicate a post soley to my time spent in Ketchum Idaho. So often we travel far and wide over looking so much of the beauty America has to offer. While skeptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised by what an amazing place Ketchum turned out to be. Many of you may have heard of this area because it was where Bruce Willis and Demi Moore lived when they were raising their children. I was blown away by the beauty, wonder, and sense of community this place had to offer and am so grateful I had a reason to go. I'll be back Ketchum.

The Bride chose a set of dishes and we each painted a piece.

Haha this tripped me out....

A beautiful Rehearsal dinner at Christina's.

A beautiful wedding.

Vera Wang.....

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Olson!


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