House Guest

In our old apartment having people stay over was no big deal. The second bedroom and bathroom provided plenty of room and privacy for our house guests. This is our first time having any one stay in our new tiny little place, so setting up the blow up mattress took a little strategizing, but I think it will work out fine.
Basically our living room is one giant bed. Plenty of comfy seating for all :)
Nothing but the best for my guests! It might be an air mattress but its dressed to impress with nothing but Shabby Chic bedding.

My musts for house guests:
Comfy, clean bedding

Plenty of clean linensStocked ,easy access necessities.
Nothing is worse than using the restroom and realizing there is no toilet paper in someone else's house. Toilet paper, q tips, cotton balls, even courtesy matches are all in an arms reach.

Fridge stocked with your house guests favorites.
In this case, San Pellegrino Aranciata and Limonata.

Check back for pictures of my entire bedding collection in the next few days. Until then I'll leave you with some fun pics of me and my little dog after a day at the hair salon for both of us :)

What are your house guest must haves?


  1. Hotel Theodossis looks 5 star, with all the proper necessities I look for when booking a stay ;)

  2. aw your dog is absolutely adorable! I have a little white dog too :)


  3. My guest room is very normal :v just a bed, and kid's toys. Your dog is so cute <3


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