bachelorette prep

The bachelorette and I at my shower in 2009

With sooooo many weddings going on in my life lately, I've gotten pretty good at this whole shower and bachelorette party thing. Tonight is my good friend Megan's Bachelorette Party and I'm helping put it together. Megan was in my wedding so I'm so excited to be apart of her big day :) I've done so many different things from Vegas, to limos, depending on the brides personality, and tonight will be an all girls sleepover at a friends house in Newport--totally suits Meg. For tonight, I am in charge of......

Affordable Flowers

An Easy Appetizer

Skinny Girl Drinks

pink sugar for the glasses
It was literally Trader Joe's and Costco to the rescue for all of the above. You know your getting old when these start to become your favorite stores!

Check back tomorrow to see how everything comes together and what I am going to wear!


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