New Apartment Inspiration

I love home decor, and constantly changing things. Since I moved apartments I am taking this opportunity to mix things up a bit. I clearly have the whole Shabby, rustic thing going, but in my new pad I want to incorporate some retro modern accent pieces. Here's some pictures that I have gathered inspiration from.

I'm a white wall kind of girl. I love the gold accents in this room. (Jonathan alder)

Love the ghost chair, but I must admit, I like the dog more...

I love how this room fuses rustic with modern. This table reminds me of mine.

Love the contrast of the white walls and rich furniture.

Here's a look at a few things I have bought to change things up a bit in my new place.

Bobby picked this baby out. We both LOVE elephants, and I loved the modern shape of the shade.

These are the curtains I chose for our place. The colors are actually shades of brown and grey.

This high pile rug from Ikea is soooo comfy.

Here is my shopping list of things to buy:

Im on the hunt for a cool gold starburst clock for the wall behind my tv.

I am looking everywhere for a vintage bar tray like the one above to put in my fabulous new kitchen.

This peek a boo coffee table from CB2 will be my next investment.

Come back in the next few days to see some shots of my new place. It's already starting to feel like home :)


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