My New Place

My new place is really coming together and already feels like home. Since I still need to hang a lot of pictures and arrange personal touches I don't want to show it to you guys just yet. To be honest it will probably always be a work in progress, just like my last place. I moved out before I could do everything I wanted! Here's a peek at a few of my favorite things about it :)

I was waiting until I had a house to hang this baby up, but I got so tired of seeing her sit in a box.
So glad she finally has a home.

This dresser has been knobless for soooo long. Finally found some affordable knobs I was happy with.

Trunk up for good luck ;)
Obsessed with our light fixture above our ginormous kitchen island.

Love my pouf, shabby pillow and new Ikea rug.

With so much less storage than before, all my pretty things are visible, while ugly things stay hidden under the sink.

My new clock was a Homegoods find. Love when they have just what I'm looking for.

The bones are here, now just to add all the finishing touches! Check back often to see how things are coming along.


  1. I LOVE it! I LOVED the chandelier above your bed and the lamp above your island! Oh and that clock! I don't remember seeing that. I think you might have told us about it! So neat! I love your new place! It is so warm and cozy. :O)

  2. Heyy you brought out the beautiful chandelier!. I've got to come back again to see all the new things in person. It looks like you've gotten a lot done. Everything looks really good!!

  3. omg wicked! cannot wait to move into a place of my own ahhaa, loving the chandelier xx

  4. lovely !

    your blog its amazing!

    congrats !! :)



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