As many of you know I am a senior TV production student. My most recent venture was putting together a music video/ commercial campaign for our restaurant. Can't wait to show you guys the final product tomorrow! Until then here is a sneak peek!

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Rihanna LOUD tour

As an artist inspiration comes from many different places. When I need a little inspiration one of my favorite artists concerts usually does the trick. Be it Gwen, Gaga, or my latest, Rihanna, I always leave feeling motivated and inspired.

While I loved Gaga's passion and relationship with the audience, I loved Rihanna's style and color palette. Here's a look at my night.

Like usual, we started our night out at my fav restaurant Bottega Louie.

I heart Coca Cola.

Ok so I know this picture is blurry but I had to show you the most amazing cake I have ever had. It was from the delicious desert cart that comes to the suite. It was s'more flavored. All I can saw is OMG....

Grand Piano floating through the air. How beautiful is that???


Emma Stone

Now that I am on break from school I have much more time to get caught up on my netflix. The other night I watched Easy A for the first time and it definitely falls under the category of My Type of Movies. I was blown away by Emma Stone's comedic timing and ability to carry a film. She is going to be my latest obsession.

This morning I was excited to see that she is on the cover of the next Vanity Fair! Can't wait to see it when it hits stands.

FUN FACT: I didn't even realize that she played Jules in Superbad! I auditioned for that role multiple times!


Rihanna Manana


Tomorrow is the Rihanna concert!!! Here's a peek at what I am going to be wearing. Check back to see picks from the concert.

I saw this bracelet and had to get it. Soooo Rihanna.
This is the hair style I'm going for tomorrow. Below is a more delicate version of Rihanna's sparkly headband.

So in love with this BCBG ring that a friend gave me as a belated birthday gift. It has the Taurus constellation. I love the delicate chain that wraps around my finger and the inside is inscribed with TAURUS.
My Blue Babies...
Here's a cool video I found with a behind the scenes peek at the fashion from her LOUD tour.



My amazing hubby did it again! He scored us some amazing seats to another concert at the staples center. This time we will be seeing Rihanna! The concert is this Tuesday night. I am bringing me camera charged this time, so I promise to show you guys a ton of awesome pictures!

To hold you over until then here are some of my favorite of Rihanna's ever changing looks.


Summer Days....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.... Summer has started getting crazy. Here's a little look at whats been getting me through the days.

Fluffy Flowers:

Pretty peonies make my kitchen island beautiful.

Can't wait to show you guys the finished product.

Pretty Presents
Between the 7 weddings, 5 graduations, and endless birthdays going on it seems like I have a list of gifts to buy people every week. This one is a something blue for one of the brides to be.

Bethenny Frankel

Feeling motivated after re reading Naturally Thin so I started Body by Bethenny and can't wait to try out some Skinnygirl Dish recipes.

Ice Cream :)

Since reading Naturally Thin I love the idea of eating real food instead of processed diet food. These mini ice creams are small enough to satisfy any ice cream craving without feeling guilty.

LA Film Fest

Most of my time lately has been spent volunteering at the LA film Fest. Lots of great movies and events. Def check it out if you have a chance.


Love this little oil burner I found at Bath and Body Works. Not loving the oil, Bobby thought it smelled like rotting lemons, lol, but that can be switched out.

Love this peace sign from Homegoods. I almost forked out the cash for a JA one, but this one is cool enough for only $8.

Summer Days at the park

Summer makes me love where I live even more. Wish it could last forever...



Wish this summer could afford a luxurious trip back to Greece or somewhere beautiful! None the less, summer is my favorite time of year and it's finally among us :)



Jolie Leibovitz

I'm loving this summers Core Values ad for Louis Vuitton. I've always been kind of indifferent to LV... never loving them enough to spend the cash on one, but this ad is making me change my mind. Not to mention it is photographed by the great Annie Leibovitz. I have her book sitting on my end table- it's one of my favorites. Love a good autobiography.

Need a summer read? Check it.

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