Las Vegas 2011

I started my spring break off right with a trip to Vegas, and as I spend my first day back waiting to be called for Jury Duty I am really wishing I was still there. My past few trips to Vegas had consisted of dancing all night and sleeping by the pool all day. This trip was a lot more mellow, but I think more well rounded. This trip consisted of gambling, dancing, eating, lots of eating, walking the strip, and good company :)

Planet Hollywood Westgate Towers

Projection screen in our living room

What I'm wearing, Dress/Maggie London, Purse/Marc Jacobs, Shoes/Louboutin

Too early for pictures...

What I'm wearing, Shirt/Gap

Matching dice bracelet souvenirs....

Don't judge us....

What I'm wearing, Dress/Theory, Purse/Marc Jacobs.

What I'm wearings, skirt/Jcrew, Tank/Target, Hat/H&M, glasses/Chanel

Finishing my break off with a bachelorette party, bridal shower, and lots of homework. Trying to figure out where I want to go next. Back to NYC maybe?


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