Monsters Ball 2011

All I can say is wow.....

After seeing Gaga live I have a whole new love for her. I always thought she was just another pop singer who put on a good show but wasn't all that great of a singer. Boy was I wrong. That girl has some pipes and put on probably the best show I've ever been too. Weather you love her or hate her, there is no denying the girl can work a crowd.

Like a horrible blogger, my camera wasn't charged, so it died early in the night. Here is a peek at the few shots I managed to get.

The night started out at my fav restaurant Bottega Louie.

I didn't get to take a picture of my outfit so this is probably the best its going to get. I wore the same H&M dress I blogged about a few weeks ago, and made it GAGAesque with a giant sequin bow.

Did I forget to mention our seats were VIP Box seats courtesy of Cocoa Cola?!? Doesn't get any better than that.

My new Gaga bracelet.
Die hard fans went all out- the costumes were crazy!!!

This video isn't from the same night I went, but it was def one of my favorite parts of the show.

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  1. wow i'm here for the first time and i really like your blog! nice pictures, interesting notes. :) i know that i will be here very often, so come to me and follow if you want. :)




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