Gift Guide: Sister

My sister is usually pretty fun to shop for. She is 20 years old and while she isn't quite as girlie as me, appreciates color and quirk. I know she would be happy with any of these gifts.

Affordable Finds

Urban Outfitters sells a large selection of funky 35mm cameras. The fish eye is one of the most affordable options and takes some pretty cool looking pictures. At $60 this is totally a unique gift idea.

Hands down my favorite sweat pants are Victoria's Secret PINK Boyfriend pants. My sister and I get a pair every year for Christmas. Mine are usually pink. (Victoria's Secret $39.50)

I thought this was a pretty clever gift idea. Sephora sells this sampler of their most popular fragrances, enclosed is a card redeemable for a full sized bottle of your favorite scent. Fragrance is such a personal gift, its great to be sure you are getting one she will like.

This Ihome is on my sisters list this year. It's great because it plays and charges your iphone as well uses your music as an alarm clock. This perticular version changes color to whatever you like. (Target $69.99)

Every girl needs a jewelry box. I'm obsessed with mirrored anything lately and this one from Urban Outfitters box is pretty and large enough for everything. (Urban Outfitters $48)

Toms are a great gift because you are gifting two people with one purchase. For purchasing a pair for that special someone, Toms will gift a pair to a child in need. With so many color options there is a pair for everyone. (Toms, $44)

I saw these while shopping on black friday and had to refrain from buying them for myself. I love the look of big funky headphones and the fact that they are made by my fav designer is that much more awesome. (Marc by Marc Jacobs $68)

High Roller

Hobo is one of my go to's for wallets. Not only are they adorable, they are SUPER functional with space for everything you could need. I bought me sister one probably 5 years ago and its still holding up great. (Hobo $108)

My sister loves Rayban Wayferers. Why buy boring black when they now offer limited edition prints. ( Rayban $159)

At the moment if I were in the market for a mid priced purse this would be the one. The quality of the leather you get for the price from Marc by Marc Jacobs can't be beat. I am also dying for crossbodys and alternatives to black. This purple is different yet not too flashy. It would go with almost everything. (Marc by Marc Jacobs $348)

Dying to get your hands on a Michele, but can't afford the price? Look no further than the new michele Jelly Band watches. These new babies come in an array of colors from pink, to purple to black. They have rubber bands and come in at $295.


Gift Guide: MOM

I am so proud of myself, I am finished with all my Christmas shopping! For those of you still trying to find that perfect gift for Mom here's my 2 cents. These items have either worked tried and true for me, or things I know my Mom would love.

Affordable Finds (Under $100)

This is currently my favorite candle. The jar itself is reason enough to spend the $25 at Anthropologie, its a bonus that the VOLCANO scent is to die for.

I love Starbucks, Johnathan Adler, and gifts with a cause. This card is a no-brainer and fits within any budget.

If you are looking to find the perfect pair of slippers these are the ones. These babies are literally like your foots own personal down comforter. At $20 these are a steal. Get them at Restoration Hardware.

I have to admit, I'm kind of obsessing over the packaging of the limited edition Hope in a Jar face cream. Who can resist that cute little face? Besides, what kind of gift guide would this be if I didn't include at least one of Oprah's favorite things? (Sephora $38)

If you know me you know I'm obssesed with Shabby Chic. Rachel Ashwell's latest book Shabby Chic Interiors is a must for any empty coffee table. Pick it up at Shabby Chic stores or on Amazon for $34.95.

Big Spender

Over 5 years ago we bought my mom this Marc Jacobs wallet to go with her matching purse. While it was a lot to pay for a wallet, the leather is such good quality it still looks brand new. With such a classic design she will have this wallet forever. (Marc Jacobs $395)

Mom's go crazy over pictures of their babies. I love the idea of taking an old picture, (baby pictures, old wedding pictures) blowing it up and putting it in a really nice frame. Etsy has a ton of re-purposed frames made of tin or old barn scraps. This one's my favorite, but there are plenty of other more budget friendly options. ($109 FacetoFaceFraming)

My Mom, sister and I all have Tiffany Key necklaces. I have the medium sized one, my little sister has the small Tiffany blue one, and my Mom has a large one on a long chain. What's great about these is that with so many options there is bound to be one that fits in your budget. ($125-$10,000)

You can't go wrong with Louis and you can't go wrong with a tote. Whether she will use it as her everyday purse of as a work bag a tote is extremely versatile. Considering its size and the fact that its a Louis Vuitton, the Neverfull's price isn't too bad either. (Louis Vuitton, $750)

Every woman needs a watch. One that is well made will last a lifetime, so I believe in spending a little more on these fashion investments. The Large Urban Michele with diamonds is on my Mom's Christmas list this year so hopefully Santa is reading ;) (Michele, $2,195)


What's in my bag

Right now I am currently using my Tory Burch black Jaden leather tote. Because I am a student, I needed a bag that would work both as a fashionable everyday purse but also as a school bag. This bag has worked out great for stuffing extra snacks, water bottles and notebooks along with all my other day to day things. Crossbody strap makes it super convenient when I need my hands free to carry books, projects to class, or eat lunch on the go.

What's inside?

Apart from the occasional school book when I don't feel like carrying them around you can always find these things in my Jaden:
1. Pink Penicil box
2.Chanel Sunglasses
3. My pink makeup bag I picked up in Florence
4. Juicy Couture wallet ( I bought this wallet when I graduated high school in'05, I never would have expected Juicy to make such a durable and well made wallet. It still looks like new and the leather has gotten oh so soft over the years.)
5. Urban Outfitters mini notebook for reminders, shopping lists, etc.
6. Reusable shopping bag. (rolled into the little red rose)
7.Keys. Marc Jacobs key chain I picked up at the Marc by Marc store in NYC

PLASTIC STATE OF MIND - Parody with Purpose

Do what you can people, every little bit helps! We only have one world so take care of it :)


My dog knows fashion

She got it from her mama.

It's that time of year again.....

Bobby just bought me my starbucks ornaments for 2010! So tempted to bring my little flocked tree out early...

If you didn't read last years post about my Starbucks tree, take a look at it here.


Kate Moss at Topshop

I'm totally lusting over Kate Moss's final collection at Topshop. With many of the pieces being limited edition 1/50 or 1/100 these splurges would absolutely be a justified fashion investment right?
If this maxi wasn't sold out, it would have already been on its way to my doorstep.

So far I'm invited to 4 weddings (all in different social circles) this coming year, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect dress. One of these just might due.

This video makes me want everything!


"We have a home. We just need a house to put it in."

Growing up we moved a lot. I probably lived in 6 or 7 different homes, all within 10 minutes of each other. With that being said, my mother always told me that no matter where we were, as long as I had my family and my things, anywhere could be home. As an adult I have really taken that with me, and I think it was one of the best lessons she could have taught me.

Bobby and I are in a transitional period. We are not really sure where we will be with our jobs in the next few years, so we can't buy a house until we are ready to commit to a location. In the mean time home is where ever we may be.

The painting is by Lisa Mann Dirkes. I don't think she could have said it better. I think I need to buy this painting and take it with us from home to home, until we finally settle down and buy our house. Below are more beautiful paintings from Lisa. Check out the rest here or see them in person at Shabby Chic.

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