Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!!

I'm spending my night at home with some good food, a good movie, and giving out candy. Nothing like a warm soup on a brisk fall night :)

Check out the recipe here. Its a favorite at my house.


Active Wear

This time last year, I had just gotten married, went to Italy for 2 weeks, and came home to be the thinnest I had been in my life. Like most newlyweds, the first year brought on a few pounds and I'm now in search of motivation. What better way to jump start my quest to lose 15 lbs than buying some new workout clothes?Although, I don't look nearly as glamorous as these girls while working out, It's nice to know that places like Forever 21 (pictured) and H&M are now selling affordable and stylish work out clothes.
1.Fitted Yoga Capris (Old Navy)

2. Colorful Champion Sport Bras (target) I have sworn by champion sport bras at target for years. Mind you, I don't need tons of support, but for $16.99 I love the fit and material.

3. cotton tees (forever 21)
4. Goody Stayput headbands. (target) I've got quite an insane amount of hair and these babies seem to work for me.

5. Asics running shoes.
6. Hoodie pullovers. (Forever 21)

My logic is that if I have a cute outfit to wear to the gym, then maybe I'll be motivated to go..... Let's see how this works out ;)


Pink - Raise Your Glass (Official Studio Version)

Always love Pink. This new single is no exception.


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