While my heart will always belong to California, New York City has claimed a small piece of it. Much like Los Angeles, there is a certain energy NYC exudes that is somehow so inspiring. I don't know if its the fast pace, the streets filled with people on a mission, the lights, the culture.... Whatever it is I LOVE it.

Reasons I LOVE NY

  • Pizza

  • Central park in any season
  • little Italy

  • People watching

You never know who you might see......
  • Black and White cookies

  • Window Shopping on 5th Avenue

  • Nighttime in the Meatpacking district.

  • Did I mention the Pizza??
  • Boutiques in Soho

  • Walking everwhere

  • Greek Food in Astoria

  • The Lights in Time Square from a distance

  • Waiting at the back door of a Broadway show just to see a glimpse of your favorite star

  • Having breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Watching on location T.V. shows shoot on the streets.

Everyone's favorite New Yorkers

The New Yorkers of the 90's

The New Yorkers with the best clothes

The New Yorkers everyone loves to hate

The New Yorkers of today

The Original New Yorker

Songs we <3

New York City- Mason Jennings
New York, New York- Frank Sinatra
Empire State of Mind- Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys
Sex and the City Theme Song- Soundtrack
Brooklyn- Mos Def


Wishing everyone a little bit of Peace and Love this Holiday Season!


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