While my heart will always belong to California, New York City has claimed a small piece of it. Much like Los Angeles, there is a certain energy NYC exudes that is somehow so inspiring. I don't know if its the fast pace, the streets filled with people on a mission, the lights, the culture.... Whatever it is I LOVE it.

Reasons I LOVE NY

  • Pizza

  • Central park in any season
  • little Italy

  • People watching

You never know who you might see......
  • Black and White cookies

  • Window Shopping on 5th Avenue

  • Nighttime in the Meatpacking district.

  • Did I mention the Pizza??
  • Boutiques in Soho

  • Walking everwhere

  • Greek Food in Astoria

  • The Lights in Time Square from a distance

  • Waiting at the back door of a Broadway show just to see a glimpse of your favorite star

  • Having breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Watching on location T.V. shows shoot on the streets.

Everyone's favorite New Yorkers

The New Yorkers of the 90's

The New Yorkers with the best clothes

The New Yorkers everyone loves to hate

The New Yorkers of today

The Original New Yorker

Songs we <3

New York City- Mason Jennings
New York, New York- Frank Sinatra
Empire State of Mind- Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys
Sex and the City Theme Song- Soundtrack
Brooklyn- Mos Def


Wishing everyone a little bit of Peace and Love this Holiday Season!


TEK Salon and Spa

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<3 Starbucks <3

Starbucks will always hold a very special place in my heart. Maybe it's my sentimental side coming out, or me trying to justify spending $4.05 every day on my Iced Soy Chai Latte, but without Starbucks my life would not be the same. Seriously.

My husband and I met when he worked with my mom at Starbucks. We were friends for an entire year before we became boyfriend and girlfriend, and much of that year was spent at our local Starbucks. From employee parties to visiting him at work, Starbucks was our common bond.

Since 2004 Bobby has bought me the annual Starbucks ornaments. I have collected them over the years in hopes that when we had a house of our own, we would have a small Starbucks tree. I am so excited to celebrate our first Christmas as husband and wife, and our first Christmas in our home.

Collecting ornaments over the years, this little flocked tree had evolved from the Starbucks tree into OUR tree. It is filled with Starbucks cups, places we have traveled together, and topped off with our initials. While we have a big 7'6 tree filled with pretty ornaments, this little one is my favorite.

Our First Christmas


Happy Thanksgiving!

I have always been a believer in the saying, "Friends are the family you choose." The older I get the more I really appreciate all the special people in my life, who make it as swell as it is. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people who love me as much as I love them.

As much as I love getting together will my family for the holidays, it is always a little sad that my closest friends usually aren't there to share in the festivities. Since it is my first year as a wife, with my own house, my friend Erica and I decided to cook our own turkey dinner. We did it on the Sunday before thanksgiving. It was a great time, and a way to celebrate the joy of Thanksgiving with some of my favorite people. And I still have Thursday to look forward to- spending Thanksgiving with the best family in the world. How lucky am I?

The table is set, and the food was great. Who knew I could cook?

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I am so THANKFUL for everyone who makes my days a little brighter. You know who you are ;)


Los Angeles Flower Market

There is nothing I like more than a house with fresh cut flowers. In this economy, fresh flower delivery isn't exactly factored into my monthly budget, so I had to get creative. I found a way to have a house full of flowers, and to do it on a budget.

The Los Angeles Flower Market is located in downtown L.A. on wall street, between 7th and 8th.
I went during the week, and it was opened to the public at 8 A.M. Get there early!! That is when you will have the best selection. Bring plenty of quarters for parking, and cash to pay for the flowers. I paid $2.00 to get into the market.

Once inside, your options are endless. Flowers galore! From roses to hydrangeas to fresh Christmas wreaths, they will have whatever you are looking for! Prices are great, you can not compare to the price of the grocery store or flower shops.

Each vendor has different flowers to choose from, with different prices. I like to look around before I buy, because if you really look you can find some killer deals. The more open the flower, the less you will pay, and of course you will pay more depending on the season.

Some of the beautiful flowers at the flower market


Even the simplest carnations are beautiful in bundles...

self portrait-flower market

My beauties on the car ride home.

Tip: Tall buckets like these are great for transporting your flowers in water from the market to home.

Lola <3's our recent purchases

Stems should be cut at an angle to desired length under running water.

My little helper

cut stems, ready to be arranged :)

Don't have a ton of vases lying around? No problem, I love to use unexpected items, such as jars, bottles, cups, etc.

I am not a florist! I'm just looking to save money and still have beautiful flowers lying around, this is why I love simple arrangements, that look as if they were pulled straight from the garden.

Floating flowers is one of the easiest ways to make an impression. How sweet and easy are these?

My favorite thing to do is to place one or two single flowers in a vase with a small opening, such as a bottle.

Have some fun, play with the flowers, and try different things!

For $32.00, including parking and entrance fee I was able to make over 15 arrangements in different sizes.

At any other flower shop I would have gotten one medium sized arrangement for this price!


Peace, Love & Lola

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Here is a peek at some of my personal favorites:

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